Conentions & Tournaments

The German Diplomacy Association organizes and hosts several conventions and tournaments throughout Germany every year. In addition to the German Diplomacy Championship there are many events more more events. The events mostly last a whole weekend to allow for a lot of other fun besides Diplomacy.

Smaller events are held with around 14 participants so two boards can be played simultaneously. Bigger events like a World Championship are sometimes visited by over 100 players. But no matter how many players are there: It's always a lot of fun!

In addition to playing Diplomacy, the reason you actually got together for, many other games are played on the conventions. There is for example almost no convention where we don't go out to hunt the Werewolves of Thiercelieux.

German conventions normally take care of board and lodging so you can focus on the most important thing: Playing Diplomacy and spending time with nice people.

Why don't you just visit a conventions, to make your own impression? Upcoming conventions in Germany are: